It is those bright, sunny Sundays that have a gentle pace to its gait, that fuels ones temptation to cool down with a midday treat.

We had spent the early afternoon preserving some recent market purchases. At that natural rest point of task completion, I was fixated on cooling down. To a heaping Stella Luna gelato.

But beckoning me in the chill of the fridge was a sturdy, fresh, young watermelon. An extra special something that came in our Thursday CSA basket from Roots and Shoots Farm.

My mind ping ponged back and forth. Gelato … Watermelon … Gelato … Watermelon …

I conferred with the mister. He rescued us from my thoughtful volley and began his surgical cuts into our flawless melon.

The flesh was cold and sweet and juicy. And like a ‘real’ watermelon, there were seeds. Imagine sitting out on the back deck, trying to arc the seeds into the neighbour’s backyard. But did we? Or did we just close our eyes and take succulent bites, pondering the last days of summer?