This week’s CSA basket from Roots and Shoots Farm feels like a solid collection of the basics. I have already fantasized about the dishes they will be turning into over the coming days.

Carrots are headed for a carrot and coriander soup.

These beautiful cucumbers want to be in a Greek salad.

The onions are going to help the carrot soup and the Greek salad along.

Zucchini loaf (I have never made that before.)

Russian red kale. I have been loving the kale in our crazy pesto pasta dish. Probably on the menu again for veggie night.

Arugula on homemade pizza done on the BBQ, along with goat cheese and caramelized onion. Maybe chipotle caramelized onion.

French fries! Just kidding. I wonder if the potatoes will get mashed since the teenager will be here for a few days and that’s his favourite potato (after poutine).

These beautiful collection of tomatoes are going into the Greek salad and crazy pesto pasta dish.

The Boston butter lettuce will be in one of my most favourite salads. Special cut oranges, toasted pine nuts, red onion and blue cheese with citrus dressing.

Green peppers can go in Greek salad, can’t they? It is probably breaking some Greek salad rule. I was supposed to get two peppers at pickup. The brain shorted for a moment. Poor me.

It is tempting to use the whole garlic bulb in the crazy pesto pasta dish.

What do you think? Do you have any recipe suggestions for me? If this was your CSA basket, what would you be making? I would love to hear what my Roots and Shoots CSA buddies are up to as well.

If you want to learn more about the farm, the contact information for Roots and Shoots Farm is: