I first read about Montreal’s Café Myriade on Coffeestork’s blog. Coffeestork is a coffee sommelier of sorts. I love reading his blog. I probably love a good espresso as much as he does but he is willing to write about it, study it, learn the lingo, research the beans and be a thoughtful and fair critic. In some ways I feel like a bit of a freeloader, going on his suggestions when venturing to coffee towns unknown.

When in Montreal this past weekend, I had to check out Café Myriade. Sanctioned by both Coffeestork and my foodie/coffee friend, JK, it was a no brainer.

I made it there on the Saturday and returned without haste first thing Sunday morning. No surprise here. Coffeestork and JK are right. Café Myriade pulls a mean shot. Both times I enjoyed them in a latte.

Being close to the universities, it seems to attract a strong following from the academic crowd. Probably the demographic most in need of caffeine. So why not AMAZING caffeine. With the full front of the store opening up to a good size patio, the place still seems small. Wintertime is probably pretty crazy.

On my first visit, I tried a pain au chocolat. It was nothing special. Considering it was later in the afternoon, the treat was at a disadvantage, because no pastry gets better with age.

For those that are die-hard coffee fans, Café Myriade also does siphon filter coffee for a premium price.

The bean of my jolt was the 49th Parallel‘s Epic Espresso from this rising star roaster in Vancouver, BC. I came home with a pound to see what artful coffee business I could do with our Rancilio (no doser grinder) Rocky and (espresso machine) Silvia. I am quite transparent when it comes to pulling a shot. I put a lot of judgement on the crema. I am looking forward to see if Epic Espresso can rival my now-favourite bean, Happy Goat Coffee Company‘s Babae’s Espresso Blend from a new-in-town, Ottawa-based roaster.

I really need to point out that the staff is extremely friendly and helpful with any questions.

On Sunday I had a religious experience with my latte. Without even noticing, I somehow managed to preserve my latte art down to the last drop.

When I go out for a latte here in Ottawa, it is always a trip to Bridgehead. I hear from Coffeestork that they get their beans from micro-roaster Café Mystique (sister company to Toi, Moi & Café) in Montreal. They will soon be roasting their own when their new facility Roasting Works on Preston Street opens in the Fall.

Café Myriade won me over. But Coffeestork speaks well of other coffee cafés in Montreal. Like the butter tart, aren’t we always on the perpetual search for the best? Wanting, and trying, and measuring it against the last best. I am curious to see if Café Myriade can reign supreme.

Café Myriade
1432 Rue Mackay
Montreal, Quebec
website: www.cafemyriade.com
Twitter: CafeMyriade
Facebook: CafeMyriade

Mon to Fri: 8 am – 7 pm
Sat to Sun: 9 am – 7 pm

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