The fresh food from Roots and Shoots Farm just keeps rolling in. This is week 11 of the program and our 6th basket from our CSA farm.

Bin #1: A bag of onions, a quart of mixed potatoes and a bunch of basil.

Bin #2: Delicata squash peeks out from the green bag.

Bin #3: Watermelon!

Bin #4 and #5: Hakurei Turnips and Swiss Chard.

Bin #6: A bag of Asian greens.

Bin #7 and #8: Head of lettuce and bunch of Kale.

Bin #9 and #10: Bok choi and carrots.

Although the food just came late this afternoon, we used half of our Asian greens in our salad tonight. And we enjoyed a good portion of the watermelon for dessert. The basil was made into pesto immediately. I so love fresh pesto!

If you want to learn more about the farm, the contact information for Roots and Shoots Farm is: