Way back on April 27th @ScratchKitchen and I were professing our love for Nutella over Twitter. Well, @ScratchKitchen (aka Sean Murphy of Scratch Kitchen) as good as put out the challenge for a throwdown. Here are his words. You judge for yourself!

@AMWATERS Half Nutella, half whipping cream – WHIP, mix in handful of 1″ yellow cake squares, fill into choco cups, top w strawberry!

I know I am out of my league, but the cheerful side of me chooses not to be intimidated. Sean has been cooking for 18 years. He is a graduate of the Cordon Bleu Paris Cooking School and the Culinary Institute of America. Sean has worked in some of Canada’s most prestigious restaurants, including Truffles Four Seasons in Toronto, Scaramouche Pasta Bar and Grill, and Café Henry Burger in Ottawa. My resumé is not quite as impressive and I will save all of those details for another day.

Sean is now running Scratch Kitchen. A family owned and operated gourmet food business based in Ottawa. They use fresh, natural ingredients to prepare frozen meals in family and single portions and deliver it all right to your doorstep.

Being pretty pumped for Game 7 of the Habs against the Pens, I thought it fitting to show confidence and create a celebratory dessert for the impending big win. Why not take the throwdown challenge and kill two birds with one stone.

The recipe is pretty straightforward and well laid out in 140 characters or less by @ScratchKitchen. You can see the results in the picture! I will let you know how the hockey fans respond.