Sunday morning had two events collide into a hearty brunch menu. First, we had plans to head out to Manotick Tree Movers south of Manotick by Carsonby early afternoon to take a look at their tree selection. There would be a lot of walking and so a meal of sustenance was key. When I examined the fridge, I saw a number of ingredients screaming ‘Move me along!’ Mushrooms for sure. An assortment of peppers in red, yellow and orange also volunteered. Chives. An orange. In the pantry I found potatoes selling the value of their sugary sweet flesh as they had moved to a less firm state. The cooking onions were the last to cry out. So it was delivered that hashbrowns and omelets would be the order of the day.

By the way, we bought a Green Mountain Sugar Maple. I hope it was a good choice.