Friday morning my husband sent me an email from work with the terse subject line veggies… The body of the email contained only a URL, As I checked out the link, I landed on the website for Roots and Shoots Farm. I have no idea how he heard of the place. I do know he sent it to me because he knew that I have been dabbling with the idea of signing us up for summer food drops of locally grown organic vegetables and that I have been reading to better understand the concept of Community Supported Agriculture.

We are in the Westboro area and there seems to be an interest from local farms to serve our village in this way. My research has by no means been extensive, but I did come to realize that committing to a veggie drop every week for 16 weeks may not work for our summer timetable, now laden with sporadic plans.

When I saw that Roots and Shoots Farm was offering a Half Share where I could receive a selection of seasonal produce every other week for the 16-week program, I impulsively signed up right away. This is as close to speed dating as I have ever come. But I also rationalized that my $275 was likely not at great risk. To have signed up on such short notice is so against my ‘research to the death’ personality, but this is one time that I felt that I just could not pass on somehow being involved.

So if you are reading this blog in the hopes that I have done all the research on locally grown food drop programs in the Ottawa area, then I will disappoint. However, if reading this can inspire you to contemplate participating in a vegetable box scheme that is right for you and your family, then consider this the impetus to start your own queries. Perhaps the website Just Food and their Ottawa Buy Local Food Guide will help you get started.