Two thumbs up!

I met a friend for lunch today at The Wellington Gastropub at 1325 Wellington Street, just east of Island Park. The restaurant is tucked away upstairs above The Harvest Loaf, which is right beside The Ottawa Bagel Shop. I managed to find 2 hour street parking on Clarendon Avenue, the street just perpendicular to the restaurant. There is plenty of 1 hour parking on Wellington and most side streets but this is a risky proposition if you are in the Village to relax over a fine meal.

I like going out to lunch on Monday’s as establishments tend to be a lot more quiet and the servers are readily available to us. If you have not been there before, you will find a cosy atmosphere of lighter hardwood floors and a substantial full exposed brick wall on the east side of the dining room and a high, high tin ceiling. Upscale bar/pub feel. The light was pouring in and on such a perfect, sunny Spring day, it certainly set the tone.

We both ordered the Arctic Char with bacon and leek chowder and bok choi. Many will say it is risky to order fish on Monday’s but the results were fantastic. The Char was seared to perfection and the flavour-rich creamy chowder enveloped each morsel. We weren’t looking for a big meal and so passed on drinks and dessert, since the slices of Art-is-in Bakery bread of White Organic Baguette and Fennel Multigrain Baguette (accompanied by dipping oil and salt) proved to be the perfect starter. A cup of tea brought our meal to a mellow close.

Although it might seem pricey at $24 (all in), if you need a place for a ‘treat’ lunch, it will not disappoint! I was glad to be back. Check it out.

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